Sunday, December 18, 2011

The China Club Rewards Support for Chinese Professionals in Spain - Invest in Spain

The China Club, which brings together Chinese professionals in Spain, celebrated the completion of its first year with the presentation of awards to those companies, institutions and professionals whose activities have assisted in the training and promotion of Chinese professionals and companies in Spain and which have helped to strengthen ties between both communities.

Ingacio Mezquita  Pérez-Andújar - Chief Strategy Officer of Invest in Spain - presents China Club Award to Huawei (CHENG Hailiang)

At the awards ceremony the China Club enjoyed the support of Spain China Council Foundation, Casa Asia, Invest in Spain from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and Invest in Hong Kong. 
A standout among the award-winners was BBVA for its contribution in recent years to the training of 870 managers from its partner, Citic Bank, and the development of the Asia Talent Program, a pioneering initiative to capture and promote Chinese executives.

The Chinese giant Huawei Technologies was recognised by the China Club for its support for the creation of jobs in the adverse circumstances created by the current economic slowdown. 80% of its 700 workers are Spanish and the other 20% are Chinese residents in Spain. China Club also recognised the best examples of cooperation between mixed teams having a significant impact on the relationship between Spain and China.

In this category, the award went to the Spain Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo.
The award for the Exemplary Career of a Chinese Professional in Spain went to Xu Jing, for his extensive academic work and his contribution to the strengthening of the tourism sector in Asia from the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Madrid since 1992.