Monday, February 6, 2012

Ship design system: Spain to give China the world’s leading technology

SENER, Spain and China, Harbin Engineering University has reached a cooperation agreement, the university’s digital shipbuilding laboratory FORAN software license. Because of this agreement, a FORAN Technical Support Center has been established in Beijing in the HIT Lab. UnitedForceCorporation company as SENSER company engaged in the China market FORAN software distribution and technical support partners, has also been involved in the agreement. 

It is reported that a complete set of FORAN software has been installed in HIT, and with the ship, naval architecture, structural, mechanical and equipment, electrical design, construction planning, virtual reality, advanced design and mapping and design modification and access control, etc. licensed personnel. UFC has for university staff must be trained on FORAN software. 

Under the agreement, technical support center will help to FORAN software and the introduction of China’s shipbuilding industry on FORAN software localization and customization to assist SENER or UFC companies. 

FORAN software developed by the group SENER, Spain, the company started to ship design, 50-year history, with 40 years of shipbuilding experience in CAD software development and application. Present during the software development and applications, while still undertaking ship design project. FORAN software is the world’s most widely used professional software is one of the major shipbuilding. FORAN software can be used for a variety of ship design and construction, including conventional passenger ships, cargo ships, asymmetric boats, catamarans and so on, all kinds of military ships including aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, etc., can also be used for FPSO, offshore platforms, etc. , covering all areas of shipbuilding expertise.

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