Monday, May 25, 2015

Chinese professionals residing in Spain chose EADA in order to become more competitive

EADA has reinforced its excellent inter-institutional relationships with China Club, a private non-profit association that represents Chinese managers and professionals who live and work in Spain. Both parties recently signed a cooperation agreement whereby China Club members are given preferential admission and offered a 15% discount on EADA training programme –MBAs as well as specialised masters

The primary objective is to facilitate access to first class further education to the members of this community, which is constantly growing and increasingly more qualified, so that they can have the same professional opportunities as other Spanish residents. The agreement also pursues other targets that are a priority for China Club: to further the recognition of Chinese professionals in companies and to exchange professional experiences in order to improve their capabilities and contribution to companies.

Margaret Chen, EADA’s International Advisory Board member and president of China Club, and Miquel Espinosa, EADA’s general director 

Fellow travellers

According to Jordi Díaz, EADA’s head of studies and International Relations, “this agreement is in line with our business school’s commitment to addressing the training needs of people of all nationalities and furthering their careers by making them more attractive for organisations”. That’s why, Díaz goes on to add, “the agreement does not just focus on managerial and middle management profiles but also targets young Chinese professionals who are finishing their university studies and want to take a Master or post graduate course to give a boost their career”.

In this respect, Díaz views this cooperation as a very positive initiative because “it not only enables us to train China Club’s  current members, who have held positions of responsibility in Spanish companies for some years now but also to train their sons and daughters who will represent the platform presided by Mr Chen in the years to come”. The aim, he points out “is to become fellow travellers throughout their lifetime of people and institutions that confide in us to update their expertise and maintain their competitive edge in the current globalised environment”.

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